I. queue queue 1 [kjuː] noun [countable]
1. a line of people waiting to enter a building, buy something etc; = line AmE:

• There may be long queues outside stores at sale times.

ˈdole queue
ECONOMICS used to refer to the number of people who are unemployed; = unemployment line AmE:

• Another 21,300 people joined the dole queue in May.

2. COMPUTING a list of jobs that a computer has to do in a particular order:

• the number of jobs in the batch queue

  [m0] II. queue queue 2 verb queued PTandPP queuing PRESPART or queueing
1. [intransitive] also queue up to form or join a line of people or vehicles waiting to do something or go somewhere:

• Customers queued for hours to buy the new toy.

• I queued up at the travel centre to pick up my tickets.

2. [transitive] COMPUTING if a computer queues a job, it puts it in a list of jobs that are to be done in a particular order:

• Input or output requests to a file are queued by the operating system.

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queue UK US /kjuː/ noun [C]
UK (US line) a line of people who are waiting for something: »

There was a huge queue of people stretching down the road from the bank.

UK (US line) a number of people who want to do or have something: »

Rarely does a company that is suffering from such mismanagement attract a queue of eager buyers.


She would not be a preferential creditor and would have to join the queue of other creditors.

be at the front/back of the queue »

It's public-sector workers who are always at the back of the queue when pay rises are being handed out.

be the first/last in the queue »

Fortunately, they were first in the queue of creditors.

IT a list of jobs that a computer has to do: »

a print queue

UK COMMUNICATIONS a number of people who are waiting to speak to someone on the phone: »

Please hold, you are in a queue and your call will be answered as soon as possible.

See also DOLE QUEUE(Cf. ↑dole queue)
queue UK US /kjuː/ verb UK (US stand in line, also UK queue up)
[I] to join a line of people who are waiting for something: »

Private investors would regularly queue outside their banks in order to rush their application forms in before the deadline.

[I] to join a number of people who are waiting for or to do something: »

Competitors queue up to steal clients and key employees.

[T] IT to arrange tasks in order: »

The server will not allow me to queue print jobs.

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